Take that Leap

In fitness, the hardest part for most people is getting started.

Working up the courage to show up, and try something new can be daunting, and intimidating.

❓ “Am I ready for this?”

❓ “Am I in good enough shape to do this?”

❓ “Will I embarrass myself?”

The truth is…

🔷 You don’t have to be “ready” to get started

🔷 You don’t need to be in “good enough shape” to do it

🔷 You will not embarrass yourself


Because we’ve been in your shoes before. We’ve all been that “new person”.

That’s what makes us different. You will never be judged for where you start. You will be supported where you are. You will be encouraged to continue showing up and making progress. Most importantly, you will be met with positivity and empathy.

Because we’re here to make each other better, and all it takes, is for you to take that leap.


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