No Half Measures

The past few months and weeks have proven difficult for everyone in different ways. Each of us has had to adapt to a new way of life with COVID. We have literally seen and heard the horrific effects of systemic racism play out on video, and now – the Fitness Industry is rapidly changing in the wake of Greg Glassman’s ignorant and racist statements.

There are times in life where contemplation and reflection are absolutely necessary. For us, this is not one of them.

When it comes to Human Rights and racism, there is no margin for second guessing or half measures. These issues transcend Politics, and are a matter of right versus wrong.

Words are powerful. They allow us to demonstrate solidarity and to continue shining a light on the injustices that the Black Community has endured for far too long. Now more than ever though, it is our actions that will speak louder than our words.

With that said, CrossFit Shady Grove will no longer be a CrossFit Affiliate. (More info on that coming soon).

Our amazing community has been incredibly supportive of our decision to de-affiliate. In addition, we have collectively donated to various Organizations such as:

We have worked hard to foster a community that is inclusive and inviting to everyone and anyone. Ignorance and racism have no place here. With that said, this has never been about “CrossFit” for us. This is about the people in front of us. It’s about enriching and improving lives through fitness – and that will never change.

The work is far from over, and in fact – it will never be “over”. Just like our Fitness, real change must be pursued with dedication and perseverance in order to be made and maintained. Without that, we are bound to regress and diminish the voices and the rights of those we are fighting for.

From all of us here – stay diligent, and stay strong.


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