Member Spotlight – Jeffrey Everett

Many of you know Jeff, what you might not know is that he has been a major driving force behind our branding and identity here at Shady Grove Strength. We are incredibly fortunate to have such an awesome, caring and epically talented individual among us.

What does he do?

Jeffrey Everett is a designer and illustrator who works as a senior designer at The National Institutes of Health and runs his own design studio Rockets are Red. His work has been shown in award competitions, hung in galleries around the world, stapled on dingy club walls, and tattooed on to misguided souls.

He is the recipient of five AIGA Fifty award which showcases the best of design in the DC metro area every two years as well as showcased at Gallery 1988 in LA in multiple gallery shows throughout the year.

What has your experience been like at Shady Grove Strength?

Jeff has been a part of the Shady Grove Strength community for 8+ years. Trends come and go but Jeff stayed because of the welcoming community and supportive coaching.

Why is it important for you to stay active?

“I want to be able to run and keep up with my two kids. I want help and guidance on strength goals, staying flexible, and with diet and nutrition. I found a lot of gyms were focused on WOD times or promoting the Paleo Food company that was in the corner instead of helping to make lasting changes. The coaches and community at Shady Grove Strength provide a place I feel welcome regardless of my latest PR numbers. I’m not another score on a cluttered wall. These people have seen me at my best and worst and stuck around. I’m proud of my accomplishments and that I’m still able to climb mountains, carry all the groceries inside, and more importantly, pick up my kids for hugs”.

How did you come up with that awesome logo?

“I was happy to help design a new logo for our gym. I wanted to stay away from typical gym looks. We have all types at this gym and our community of people is the best part. Justin, Lauren, Sky, and Lizzie welcome all people openly and regardless of your level of training, they are patient and offer insight. They make you better than the day before. The logo portrays growth rooted in a deep commitment to community.”

You can catch Jeff in the evenings. When he isn’t Clean & Jerking hundreds of pounds in LIFT class, you can also catch him putting his Yoga experience to use in Stretch & Sweat, or getting in a workout in an SGFit class! Give him a socially distant high five the next time you see him!


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