Learning to Enjoy the Process

In the world of fitness we talk a lot about goals. What do you want? What things do you want to achieve? What often times gets overlooked is the importance of appreciating the work that is required to make those goals a reality.

Do professional athletes only play sports because they love to win? Do Chefs cook only because they love to eat? Does a musician play their instrument only because they want to perform in front of a crowd? For some, the answer might actually be “Yes”, but for most, that’s not what keeps them going.

Motivation will only take you so far. The problem with motivation is that it’s fleeting. It’s very easy to get pumped up about trying to lose weight on a new diet, or to go buy your first pair of running shoes as you begin training for a 10K. That’s dopamine talking, and it only speaks for so long.

Discipline on the other hand, will get you there, and then some. There is nothing better to me than seeing or hearing someone adopt a fitness routine into their daily lifestyle. Not because they have to, but because they want to. It doesn’t always start off that way, in fact it rarely EVER starts off that way. What happens in between is where the magic is.

One of my favorite quotes from a movie comes from a scene in Rudy where Coach Parseghian addresses his team and says

“All right you guys already know this, but this is the most important game of your lives. No excuses! Do the work!”

Coach Parseghian – “Rudy”

I don’t know why it resonated with me, but it did. Just a very blunt and direct way of looking at what needed to be done. “Do the work”.

So no matter where you are on your fitness journey, remember, to get to where you want to go, you’ve got to do the work. If you can learn to appreciate that work, and enjoy the process, then you will have achieved so much more than you initially set out to do.


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